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Accessorizing with Purpose, A Guide to Accessorizing your Home with Thoughtful Decor.

Accessories are the finishing touches that add the clients unique personality to the space.In this post we will explore how to accessorize with purpose and how to curate the pieces to speak to the clients unique taste.

Stone Fireplace with Built-Ins & Accessories

Begin with a Blank Canvas: Before adding the accessories, start with a clean slate. Clean surfaces and declutter the area so that the pieces you have chosen can shine.

Establish a Focal Point: Establish the focal point in the space, whether that be the fireplace, a piece of art, built-ins, etc. The focal point is the starting point that everything else is built around to create harmony and balance.

Living Room with Stone Fireplace, Built-Ins and Accessories.  2 velvet sofa's and coffee table

In this living room design the fireplace was the focal point. Everything was balanced and harmonized with this as the central building block. Two matching velvet sofa's flanked each side of a rectangular coffee table centered on the fireplace. The gray tones of the stone were repeated in the linear area rug and textiles on the sofa's. The warm tones of the furniture and wood accent tables balanced the rustic wood mantle salvaged from an old barn.

Balance, Scale & Texture: Playing with texture, height and scale are all great ways to add interest to your space. Mixing materials like wood and metal with stone and ceramics will add another layer of depth. Using similar items in varying heights and then contrasting with a smaller item or different shape in a different medium is a great way to provide balance when accessorizing.

Stone fireplace with wood mantle, accessories and velvet ottomans

This mantle was a great place to add interest with accessories and decor. The arched wooden mirror contrasted the black metal candlestick holders and planter. The varying heights and shapes of the terracotta candlesticks added another layer of texture to the warm and inviting living space.

Color Palette Cohesion: Coordinate your accessories with the room's color palettes or contrast with a pop of color that you sprinkle in throughout the space.

Personal Storytelling/Items: Adding an accessory that has a direct correlation between the client and a favorite pastime/hobby is a great way to add that personal touch to the space. If the client is an avid golfer, bookends with books that relate to golf is a great way to connect to the client. If family is a core value to the homeowner, pictures of their kids and family sprinkled throughout the space will make it feel more like home to them.

Leather ottomans with books

The homeowner was an avid book collector. Sprinkling his favorite books throughout the space was a way to add a personal touch.

Plants & Greenery: Bringing nature indoors is always a successful way to accessorize and add an additional layer of aesthetic appeal. They not only add life to the space but their texture, scent and shape add visual interest to any space.

Greenery in ceramic vase

Wall Art & Mirrors: Just like personal items this is a great way to add the client's personality to the space. Do they love going to the beach, if so maybe a beautiful, framed, landscape print of a beach scene will be the perfect piece. Mirrors can make spaces appear large and also add to the aesthetic appeal of a space by selecting an interesting shape or textured frame.

Dining room with white oak dining table and chairs, 2 pendants and art

This homeowner loves nature and anything with an organic feel. These black and white prints not only add a pop of interest and focal point to the space but also tie back to the white oak dining table with the oak frames.

Accessorizing is a great way to elevate any space, add personality and keep the space from falling flat. Each accessory has its own purpose. Whether that is to be a focal point, balance out another piece in the space, add the unique personality or give the room additional texture.

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