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Creating a Relaxing Oasis- Tips to designing your ideal master bedroom suite!

Relaxing Master Bedroom Suite- A white oak 4 poster bed with nightstands, dresser, bench and sitting area.

In today's fast-paced world, your bedroom should be a sanctuary- a place we can escape the chaos and find solace. As an interior designer my goal is always to create a space that reflects your personal style, but specifically when working on a master bedroom suite, a space that promotes relaxation and well-being is just as important. Here are some tips and tricks to achieve your master suite oasis.

Serene Color Palette: It is important to choose calming colors that evoke the emotion you are trying to achieve. Soft blues, greens, serene grays and warm neutrals are great choices. These colors create a soothing backdrop that you can build upon.

Master Bedroom Suite with a close up of the 4 poster bed and custom bedding.

Textures that Invite Relaxation: Incorporating soft, calming textures that elevate the homeowners senses is very important. You want the space to transport them to a place where they felt the ultimate sense of relaxation whether that be a swanky hotel on their favorite vacation or their favorite local spa. Using soft linens. plush pillows, rich textures for added depth like cottons, linens and silk all invoke the sense of touch and feel. Incorporating organic textiles, wood accents and unique pottery pieces are a way to add visual warmth and serenity. Hand made tiles in similar hues give balance to the eye. Adding fresh plants and candles not only add a layer to the space but bring out the sense of smell.

Master Bath Shower with handmade Zellige tile, brass plumbing and barrel ceiling.

Embrace Minimalism: Creating a clean clutter free environment promotes mental clarity and relaxation. Smart storage solutions like built-in closets and concealed organizers keep the space tidy which in turn makes the space feel more luxurious and serene. Adding a vanity built-in organizer with power in the cabinet drawer is a great place to keep the client's hot iron products without having to have them front and center on the counter.

Custom master bath vanity with zellige tile, quartz countertops, brass plumbing fixtures,   mirrors and lighting.

By using these tips and tricks you can create the ultimate bedroom oasis, and sleep great knowing sweet dreams await in your tranquil sanctuary!

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