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Keeping your design project on schedule and budget by minimizing change orders.

We get it, a project can span months, sometimes years and during that time frame something new is likely to come across your social media or pop up in a new design magazine.It is important to remember these compelling reasons to consider sticking to the original design plan curated specifically for you:

Cost Efficiency: One of the most significant factors is cost, simply put change orders can be costly.Changes often require additional materials, labor and time which will lead to unexpected budget overruns.

Time Savings: Making changes whether small or big after the design has been finalized can lead to delays in the project timeline.Revising plans, souring new materials and adjusting schedules cause disruptions into a carefully created timeline and will inevitably push back the completion date.

Consistency in Vision: The design you signed off on was carefully curated to align with your vision and goals for the space.Introducing changes can compromise the cohesiveness of the overall design resulting in a less harmonious aesthetic.Sticking with the original design ensures that the space reflects the look and functionality you initially envisioned.

Communication: Following the approved design ensures clear communication and accountability with all parties involved: the builder/contractor, vendors and designers.Adding changes to a carefully planned schedule and process can create misunderstandings.Sticking to the original plan ensures that everyone is working from the same set of plans and reduces the potential for errors and conflicts.

That being said, we all understand that new ideas or visions may arise.If you feel compelled to make changes throughout the process just be open and aware that the budget and timeline may differ from the original proposal and unplanned hiccups might come up throughout the process.


Written by Jessica Bagwell

Hudson & Rose Interiors

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